I finally did the unthinkable, something I never in a million years thought I'd do...I started a YouTube channel! I've been procrastinating on it because it just seemed...intimidating? Scary? But I started quarantine (which feels like an eternity ago now) by deciding to dedicate my time to learning how to shoot and edit video. So when I decided to hit the road, I documented as much as I possibly could to put my new skills to the test.

So here we are! In this first episode, we cover the first leg of our cross country journey! Sailor (the pup) and I finally hit the road, getting used to our new home on wheels (the 4Runner). We had to change some plans due to a tropical storm, spend a night in a hotel and, in my case, have a little breakdown. But we learned some lessons, namely that Sailor really loves cows, it's hard to record audio in the wind and I definitely wasn't as prepared as I thought I was. Come along as we start to figure it all out!

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