Five Benefits of Journaling that Might Surprise You

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It's fairly well known that journaling has many benefits but do you know what those benefits are? Below you'll find 5 benefits of journaling...some might even surprise you! And no, none of them include keeping track of your crushes or the latest drama at school.

1. Sparking Creativity and Overcoming Writer's Block

Sometimes the best way to get over a bout of writer's block is to...write? Yep. Just start writing. It doesn't have to be good. It doesn't even need to make sense, really. Just get something down. If you've read The Artist's Way, you know about a little thing called "Morning Pages". These are stream-of-conscious writings that you do first thing in the morning. Don't think too much, just write down anything and everything that crosses your mind. Dedicate to this daily practice and you can spark some creativity and maybe even get over that pesky block.

2. Boost Positivity and Self-Confidence

When you experience something uplifting, your brain releases endorphins and dopamine which is like a little shot of happiness. And guess what, you get to experience a second shot of happiness when you relive it again through journaling! Writing about your positive experiences helps your body produce these magical chemicals and by doing that your self-confidence gets a boost. Reading through these moments again can have the same results. Be sure to write down your positive experiences and soon you will have a catalog of uplifting reminders to perk you up when you're feeling low.

3. Helps Develop Healthy Habits

When you dedicate to a routine like a daily journaling practice, you are essentially exercising a muscle...a discipline muscle, if you will. You're developing stronger will-power by sticking to a journaling schedule and this alone can extend into other areas of your life. Just like how when you start a new exercise program you suddenly find yourself eating better and developing other healthy habits, it's the same for this kind of discipline. So use your dedication to daily journaling as a jumping off point and see what other areas of your life follow suit.

4. Amplify Healing

The emotional release that comes from journaling lowers anxiety and stress and leads to better sleep. Why? Because stress often comes from an emotional blockage or overthinking (you know all those what-ifs). But when you are forced to put those feelings and fears into words, your mind is better able to grasp it. Studies show it might even lead to improved immune function.

5. Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Regardless of your stance on manifestation, it is still true that having a clear idea of what you want and where you want to go can help you get there. Think of it like a map. But beyond just a source of direction, writing down your goals actually signals to your brain "this is important". By focusing on the things most important to you, you increase your likelihood of actually accomplishing those things.


So there you have it! Journaling is a great practice that can help you manage stress, overcome creative blocks and even help you achieve your goals. Having a beautiful journal to write in can also increase the likelihood of long-term journaling success! Ok, that one's not based on any scientific studies but I mean, that's just common sense. You can shop our leather journals here.