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Free Domestic Shipping on Orders $35+
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Tiffany Zadi is a full-time designer and leathersmith. She launched her first jewelry line after receiving her undergraduate degree. She later decided to return to school to study law but just one year after enrolling she was back to making and selling jewelry in her free time.

After graduating, she set out to pursue a career in Copyright Law but found herself frustrated within the confines of office life. With a quickly growing jewelry business, now called Heist, she decided to leave corporate America behind and pursue her business full-time.

Heist added leather and soft goods to the product line in 2012 with the self-imposed limitation of only using the hides of free-range animals, specifically, ethical bison leather from Colorado.

With a dedication to making unique, quality pieces, Heist is for those who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. No-fuss, grab and go items that transition from city commute to a weekend hike effortlessly. #feelingheisty