Care Instructions


To clean leather, mix a small amount of mild liquid soap with warm water and use a soft cloth to wipe dirt off of handbag.

To nourish and maintain your leather, use a leather conditioner being sure to avoid any fabrics. You can purchase our Organic Leather Conditioner for this.

-Never leave your leather handbag in direct sunlight. It can cause the leather color to fade and cause damage to the leather.
-To avoid grease stains, don't handle a leather bag until any hand lotion has been absorbed.
-Always spot test any cleaners or detergents on an inconspicuous part of your handbag before using.
-Keep bags stuffed when not in use to help maintain the shape.


Tarnish is the result of a chemical reaction between metal and sulfur in the air. The color and rate at which the change happens depends on the type of metal, the environment in which the jewelry is stored, how the pieces are worn and the length of time since the item has been cleaned.

Tarnish can never be completely prevented but proper care can help. Try to keep your jewelry stored in a dry, dark place and maintained with regular cleanings. We highly recommend purchasing a polishing cloth and using it frequently to clean your pieces. Remember, the longer an item is left to tarnish, the harder it is to clean.

The worst culprits for damage to jewelry is sweat, ocean water, perfume and cleaning products. Anything abrasive will likely scratch your jewelry. This is especially important for plated jewelry since these items may need to be re-plated in time. To extend the life of your piece, make sure it is kept away from abrasives such as sand or strong cleaning products.